What can you order?

We would love to help you with any kind of order you need! We help with corporate, celebratory and personal orders. You can order one box up to one hundred! We offer more baked goods and other confectionery items, please send us an e-mail for anything you need!

Truffle Packs:

4 Pack: $10

8 Pack: $18

12 Pack: $28

We offer many different types of delicious chocolate bars! Our bars are $8.00 and we offer smaller, square bars for $5.50.

Custom Corporate Orders:

Do you want something with your logo on it? Have a big corporate event? We can do custom chocolate bars with your logo and colours for $7 a bar. Everything is customizable! You can have Dark, Milk or White Chocolate with any kind if topping or flavours. We require one month notice as custom molds take time to order in.

We also offer custom truffle packs! The truffles can be made into any flavour you would like, we also hand-paint your company colours onto the truffles! These make a beautiful gift for your customers or employees!